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About Ashley

As a graduate of Morrisville State College in 2006, Ashley learned many different techniques to apply during her massage career. As a massage therapist, Ashley has expanded her services to offer not only Swedish massage, hot stone, and herbal style massage, but also Ashiatsu (Ah Shee Att Su), cupping, craniosacral, reflexology, myofascial, prenatal massage, and massage doula. 

In 2010 Ashley went to Florida to learn Ashiatsu.  Ashiatsu is a massage that is provided utilizing the feet thus creating a deeply relaxing massage.  It is a compression-based massage that feels very exquisite and luxurious.

Furthering her education not only by learning Ashiatsu, Ashley also went on to become a Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist, and also a Massage Doula.

Ashley has three children, a son Parker, born in May 2009, and twin daughters Avery, and Lila, born in October 2011.  Ashley understands the stress, aches, and emotional toll pregnancy can take on a mother's body.  

Being a Massage Doula, and mom, Ashley understands the different aspects of labor, ranging from multiple pregnancies, and epidurals to c-sections, Ashley has experienced a lot.  It is through these experiences and training that Ashley believes she can help new parents enjoy their pregnancy and birth more than ever.

Even if you're not expecting, there are many services to choose from. Ask anyone- I only offer what I love. If I don't love it, I don't offer it. Try one or try many. Together we can put together your best massage!

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