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Special Acknowledgements

I could not have done this on my own and would like to thank the following people:

Adam (my husband)- Although you may not have always understood the vision, you allowed me to take this crazy idea and turn it into a reality! Thanks for letting me take over part of the garage while I collected all of the items to put into the new space. You were an integral part of getting this project completed and I appreciate you so much!

Jean & Scott Knapp (my parents)- You were there every step of the way whether it was helping figure everything out, bringing food to eat, or being the other design person on the job, (mom). I really could not have completed this without all of your help. Lots and lots of laughs were shared.

Tim Knapp (my brother)- Thank you for your input on the plumbing.

David White (my Uncle)- Thank you for helping us demolish the interior of the building, your eagerness to participate in my project was completely unexpected I thank you greatly.

Andrew White (my cousin)- Thank you for allowing me to utilize your dump truck in order to haul away all of the materials taken out of the building.

Brock Hubbard (a family friend who works for Bach and Co.)- Thank you so much for finishing the sheetrock that I and my family hung- I know we didn't make it the easiest for you, but you made it look beautiful!

Donald Mason (father in law)- Thank you for helping install the flooring throughout the main areas. The outcome is beautiful!

Matthew Roden (family friend)- Thank you for welding my Ashiatsu bar system to fit the new ceiling. It turned out beautiful!

Douglas Winter (cousin)- Thank you for designing my logo, my sign, and in general thank you for all of the options you sent for both! 

Inkwell Graphix- Thank you for making my sign. I love how it turned out!

Chaumont Planning Board- Thank you for your assistance in getting everything up and running!

Karen Fitzgerald (Town Clerk)- Thank you so much for your encouragement and for taking the time to answer all of my questions along the way.

Lisa L'Huillier (Broker and Owner at Hefferon Real Estate)- Thank you for showing me the building multiple times throughout the process allowing me to form the ideas creating what it has become today.  

Gail Miller (Realtor)- Thank you for listing the building so that I may purchase it.

Lawrence D. Hassler (Lawyer at Conboy Lawfirm)- Thank you for taking care of the legal side of purchasing the property.

Jim Millington (Code Enforcement Officer)- Thank you for your assistance during the rebuild process and answering all of my questions along the way.

Last but not least...
Parker, Avery, and Lila Mason (my kids)- The three of you were so good throughout this whole time of our family working on the building. You played out in the backyard and created so many neat games (with the help of my mother) and generally got along so well while we were out there working. Thank you for helping paint the outside, cleaning up the backyard, and carrying in the many, many things. 

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